I wrote (music+lyrics) and produced this pop track:

I produced and co-wrote this song along with Alli Davis, Kat Huet, and Trevor Knight:

Here’s a selection of recent pop instrumentals I wrote and produced:

I produced Kaye's Lana Del Rey-esque debut single:

I mixed and contributed production on the following tracks for Andrea Plamondon:

I produced the instrumentals for Nuttalya's "Go Girl" and "Dream People":

Here's a selection of electronic (dance, house, EDM, etc.) instrumentals I've created

Intense pop:

Minimal R&B:


Beyoncé-style dance track:


In-your-face EDM

Happy pumping dance-pop:

Dramatic, string-based house/pop:

Sunny, sparse pop beat:

Intense, synth-y tune I wrote for Astronauts Wanted:

A fuzzy pop nugget:

Two 80s jams for corporate videos:










Arabic pop song I produced: